My dear kitchen friends,my project is finished and about to be handed in.

Thanks to Monie and Ore who have been lovely kitchen PAs and I very much enjoyed cooking with you guys!

Thanks to the Boys (Andy, Aiden and Peter) in number 27, who let me use their internet and computers so i can finish "cooking with Mimi".

A big one to my granma and mother, both are amazing in the kitchen and always an inspiration to my cooking!

Also, THANKS to everyone who watched a video, comment or simply clicked on a recipe! The support has been amazing. I really enjoyed cooking or you and wish you all well!!


107 ! 04/13/2009

107 - is the number of clicks all my videos have together. Thanks people for watching Rote Gruetze, Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelpuffer and Bangers and Mash !! If you haven't seen any of them yet - just click on it and catch up on the "craze" !


Rote Gruetze 04/05/2009

A busy day! I spent almost all day up-loading videos and recipes. I still need to sort out Sweet Temptation but for the rest: A Great success!

Yet another video just went online. Rote Gruetze. The first dessert I cooked and filmed. Watch it here and tell me what you think about my favorite dessert. I love Rote Gruetze because you can have it hot or cold, on ice, cake, with cream, custard or just on it's own. The best way of enjoying Rote Gruetze is eating it right from the pot, spoon and any splattered surfaces in the kitchen! Short: The Perfect Dessert


Kartoffelpuffer 04/05/2009

I made it!! I managed to up-load the next part of cooking with Mimi.Ore, my kitchen PA of the day, and me cooked Kartoffelpuffer. Most, no all, of my friends absolutely Kartoffelpuffer. It's a lot of effort to grate the potatoes but absolutely worth it. Click here to watch it the video and how much work it really is.  Just have a look and tell me what YOU think about Kartoffelpuffer.

It's done! 04/05/2009

I finally up-loaded all my favorite recipes. I got some very nice comments and some tips too. I hope you like the new, more colorful appearance of cooking with Mimi. The site is still not finished. Unfortunately I have to write and link the "sweet temptation" again.... Good is though, I can do it from home. My neighbors gave me the password for their internet now I can work on my blog anytime!


tIt's done!!!! Bratkartoffeln ist online! Check it out here. I really enjoyed cooking with Monie and I think you will once more enjoy watching! I still have some trouble with colour and fonts... but I'll see to it as soon as I can.

A happy Mimi


Ahoi,unfortunately I can't upload my new viedo "Bratkartoffeln". It's 550mb big and youtube is not uploading it *argh*!! I keep you looking for technical support, but Stu is on his lunch break... "Rote Gruetze" is also ready to be uploaded but yet again youtube is being funny. The icing: internet has gone down at my house and I have to go to the library to work. It's not going well Keep on checkin my page and I'll keep trying to upload...


New Videos 03/30/2009

My dear kitchen friends,I finally got around producing and editing more videos. So, please look forward to more excursions into Mimi's kitchen.

x M

New recipes 02/24/2009

Moin Moin,my dear kitchen friends and food lovers! It's done! The first recipes have been uploaded and I hope you'll enjoy reproducing them! Let me know here!

Yours Mimi :-)

Bangers and Mash 02/13/2009

The 1st recipe + cook along is finally uploaded. Check it out. Cooking Bangers and Mash was super funny, though the sausages are a little dark. Oh well.... it still tasted alright!



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